Monday, February 25, 2008

new blog 

so we are tryin out a new blog.  we are still workin the bugs out.  try going to

if it does not work let me know.  

Count Down is On!!

836 days until world cup 2010

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sorry no pictures . . . yet

Okay so I know it is time for an update. I have been trying for a while to do an update with pictures but for some reason blogger won't let me put on any pictures. When we got out new computer it hasn't let me upload them for some reason. I can select the picture and click on upload image but then it comes up as an error on the page. If anyone knows what is going on let me know.

Carter is getting bigger and learning many new things. He is almost crawling, just rocking on his knees and hands and showing more interest in moving. He has two teeth on the bottom. He now knows how to wave, motion that he is "so big" and clap. He is still a happy baby and very content. I get so many comments on how well behaved he is and if he is always this smiley.

We were just in BC for a while visiting Brad's parents so that was fun, and a lot warmer. It did rain for most of the time except for the last few days before we left. I would love to show you pictures but like I said it is at a standstill for now. If you want to see some pictures you will have to become friends with Brad and on facebook and check them out there. Well, that is about all for now. I am going to see if I can figure out the picture thing.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Banner 2 Banner 1 go!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our New MAC

So everyone is asking why i got MAC and why i would NEVER go back to PC.  Well i will tell you.  Its better!  Thats why.  If you are going to do word or spreadsheets, you might stick with PC (even though you can do great things with Microsoft Office for MAC).  If you do pictures or movies or anything creative, you will LOVE how easy MAC is for everything.  I made a slideshow of pictures of me and karla and carter with music in no time.  then i put a menu screen and put some pictures and music with that too.  if i was not watching tv it would have taken me ten minuets.  also starting it up out of the box was easy.  i plugged it in and boom.  but in my email address and password, i was done.  everything is so easy and seems to just work the best possible and the easiest way.  i cant explain.  just drop your Windows everything!  thats all i have to say (i have more but i wont bore you)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fun at home with my boys (and Sadie)

Having fun together. Too bad I'm not in this picture is would have made a good family one but I was the one taking it. Oh well.

These pictures I put on for my parents. This is the outfit that they got him for Christmas. Isn't he just so cute.

A New Family Picture

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas Time

Carter playing with some toys from his Grandma and Grandpa W and a vest that was superbly made by Auntie Heather. Carter wasn't into Christmas too much this year as was expected. However, he was a bit more interested in opening his presents than I thought (even though this was very minor).

Carter's seventh month of life held more smiles (as always) and a love of food. At first he wasn't too keen on eating but now he gobbles his food down. I am always surprised at how much he can eat sometimes. I just started giving him some pureed fruit and he just loves that (I don't blame him after always getting cereal and vegetables).

Carter was also quite sick this December. After his six month shots at the beginning of the month he came down with a fever and then proceeded to get a bad cold (along with an ear infection and eye infection), which he later passed on to both Brad and I. We have now just ended that sickness (it seemed like it lasted forever). Tomorrow Carter has a doctor's appointment to see if the fluid is still in his ears (which I think it is because he is still pulling them). Then in the middle of January we are off to the pediatric eye doctor to get Carter's eye checked out. You can usually tell in pictures that his left eye turns in a bit. It isn't like that all the time but you can definitely tell that something is not quite normal. Anyways, we are not sure where the ear and eye thing will go, but we are hoping that it isn't too serious. That is about all the news for this month I think so on to the pictures.

Carter sporting his new do-rag(this is really how you spell it. I looked it up.) for motorcycling when he is older. He is also sporting Grandpa's glasses. We always have fun taking funny pictures of Carter and he is such a good sport about it.

My family (sorry that the picture is kinda dark).

This is my Grandma and the great grandchildren. Of course with so many little ones it is hard to have everyone happy and looking at the camera. Apparently Caleb was the only one that wasn't too happy with everything. However, we still made him be in the picture for a minute.

Another funny picture of Carter. We decided to put his socks on his ears. I'm not sure how be came to doing this but I am sure it was Joel's idea seeing as he is holding Carter.

The cousins having their first bath together. At least they are both happy. However, right after this picture Ayla screamed for the rest of her bath and Carter decided to sympathize and cry as well. Not as fun.

Friday, December 07, 2007

My Munchkin, PJ's and Sadie

My cute little boy this morning in his pj's. I didn't notice until this was loaded but it kind of looks like he is giving the finger or trying too. Just ignore that.
So I was trying to do a "photoshoot" with Sadie and Carter but of course it always happens this way. First they were far apart but that was no fun and it looked funny so then I moved them closer together. Now these two are the best of friends and egg each other on when they are close to each other. Needless to say that moving them closer makes Carter reach for Sadie, which in turn . . .

. . .makes this happen. It usually ends up with Carter smiling with his mouth wide open and Sadie trying to lick him. Not a pretty site but at least they both like each other right? That is what I try to tell myself whenever it happens.

So my sister and I just got back from Winnipeg to visit my other sister, brother-in-law and their new baby Ayla Jae, who was born on October 22. We had a good four days together. Carter liked Ayla although there wasn't much play time for the both of them together because Ayla can't really fend for herself.

I thought this picture was cute and a look into the future. Notice they are both sticking their tongues out. This means trouble later I think.
We compared their feet and Ayla's feet (the skinny ones) were almost as long as Carter's. Crazy I know. That girl is going to have big feet or maybe she will grow into them. Thanks A and J for letting us crash your place. I hope we didn't cause too much disturbance. That's all for now.

Lots of Pictures Plus an Update

Bath time. I just love this picture. Carter is so cute here. He loves his bath time and playing with his toys (Thanks Janelle) as long as they don't float away on him.

At the end of November Brad's parents came out for a visit so the following pictures are of their visit.
We decided to try feeding Carter solids for the first time when Brad's parents were over. Here Carter is with Grandpa feeding him. He looks in good spirits. He didn't like the taste or texture too much though with the first couple of times. He is finally starting to like the food (I think). At least he is opening his mouth for me now and usually he doesn't make too much of a face.

Here is Carter the first time I put some cereal in his mouth. As you can tell from the expression he wasn't too impressed.

Carter and Sadie - still best of friends.

Carter and daddy.
Brad surprised me for an early Christmas present and bought me a used piano that I had seen at a thrift store for a steal of a deal. Thanks honey. I love playing it (although it is hard to find time when I am free and Carter is not sleeping). Carter loves it as well. He sits and plays (bangs) and sings along. It is so cute.